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Canine Waste Cleanup Service

If you don't have the time, energy, or desire to clean up after your pet, you have come to the right place! K9 Lawn Pals Poop and Scoop offers prompt, efficient pet waste cleanup and pooper scooper services all year 'round.

  • No more dealing with dog poop ever again!
  • No more going out in the cold or heat to clean the yard!
  • No more arguing whose turn it is!
  • No more spring cleanup!
  • No more embarrassment when guests arrive!
  • No more poo on your shoes!

Year Round

Cleanup Service

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Our Prices

Spring Cleanup Special!

Prices Start as low as $75!

1 Dog

  • Small Yard: $10.00
  • Medium Yard: $12.00
  • Large Yard: $15.00
2 Dogs

  • Small Yard: $12.00
  • Medium Yard: $15.00
  • Large Yard: $18.00
3 Dogs

  • Small Yard: $15.00
  • Medium Yard: $18.00
  • Large Yard: $20.00
Prices are per pickup

We offer Weekly, Twice Weekly and Twice Monthly cleanups.

We come right to your house, pickup your dog’s business, double-bag it and leave it with your trash.

A Note From Clients...

K9 Lawn Pals is amazing. Jim emailed me a couple of weeks ago to see if i was ready for the Spring Clean Up and we "shot for the week of March 27th". On Monday, the 27th, I got another email saying that my yard was "clean as a whistle". And after a winter of my rottweiler doing her business in the yard and me being too lazy to pick up after her in the cold and snow (and dark), that could not have been a pleasant task! Jim is my "go to guy" for that nasty job that no one wants to do.

Deb E

My lawn is always cleaned up and they notify me when they have visited.

Amy D

Great service. Very affordable. Give them a call for all your doggy clean up needs.

Jean D

K9 Lawn Pals has been a wonderful experience. As a busy small business owner with a hectic schedule, knowing I have one less chore to do at home is a blessing. The K9 Lawn Pals team has always been on time and always lets me know when they have completed the job - even when I'm sure a yard with 3+ dogs isn't their easiest pick up! I'd recommend them in a heartbeat to anyone who wants a reliable company to help keep their lawn clean!

Miranda W

We have been using K9 Lawn Pals for a few years now......Love this service. I no longer need to worry about cleaning the yard! Jim is always available for any questions and the service is dependable - Try it you won't be disappointed!

Lisa Y

Something To Say? Get In Touch...

A Note From Clients...

Something To Say? Get In Touch...

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